How to create a Solana wallet on Cryptocurrencies.Ai?

It’s easy. Just follow the next few steps.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Don’t lose your seed phrase!

After writing your seed phrase in a safe place, confirm it by clicking the checkbox and press continue.

Step 4

In case of a mistake, you can click on the wrong word in the input field. This will return it back to the cloud array.

Press Create Wallet after you put all the words in the right order.

Step 5

SOL is the fuel for all transactions on the Solana blockchain and you must have SOL in your wallet to add other tokens to your wallet or trading on the DEX.

You can skip this step and activate the wallet and add new tokens after it is created.

Once the SOL is deposited, you will be able to add some tokens from among the popular tokens to your wallet. Just choose the tokens you are interested in from the list.

There is a small fee of 0.002039 SOL per address for creating an address for the selected tokens.

How to add a new token manually?

Then click on the manual input tab.

Paste the token mint address into the first input field.

You can find out the mint address in the explorer, on DEX, or from the token creator directly.

In the second field, enter the desired full name of the token, and in the third field, enter its short ticker.

Then press Add button. A small fee of 0.002039 SOL is charged for the creation of an address in the wallet.

Enjoy Cryptocurrencies.Ai’s Wallet!

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