How to trade on Cryptocurrencies.Ai DEX using Math Wallet.

Chromium browsers guide.

  1. Install the Math Wallet extension from the official Chrome store.
  2. Create a password for your Math Wallet.

3. Find and select the Solana network from the list of networks.

4) Click on “+” to add a wallet.

5.1) If you already have a wallet on you can import it to Math Wallet using your Mnemonic words.

In this case, you have to paste your Mnemonic words into the first field and select m/501'/0'/0/0 format in the second field. Then press next.

Your wallet will successfully get imported.

5.2) If you want to create a new wallet press “Create wallet”

Type chosen name into the first field. Then choose the m/501'/0'/0/0 format in the second field.

Press “Confirm” and save your Mnemonic words. Your wallet will be created.

6) When you finish with wallet creation go to

7) Select Math Wallet near the “Connect Wallet” button and press the “Connect Wallet” button.

8) Select your wallet from the list on the right and click “Accept”

Congratulations, you can now trade on using Math Wallet.

Note: while using Math Wallet, due to their security settings, you will not be able to use the Auto-Settle feature. Remember to settle manually by clicking the button on the balances section.

Enjoy decentralized trading!

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